From the recording Looking Out And After

Written by Sascha Osborn.
Recorded and produced by Patrick Wood.
© Tree House Songs 2018


People come and people go
Like shadows dancing round the sun
Before you know they’re gone
A familiar scent brings you to mind
Roaring like a waterfall
Blindly crashing in the pool
Did nature rule, did I take too much
Am I to blame for loosing you?

People come and people go
Seven months, seven days
Safe as one we lay
I get caught by surprise when a voice calls your name
Or I see a familiar face
My heart starts to race
Can you hear, do you know?
I promise you, I’ll make you proud

People come and people go
As morning dawn drifts to evening dusk
Love I trust
Will you ever see the views I see now?
Or know the person today
That I came to be
Years have past and here I am
Always you are in my heart
Always forever in my heart