Sascha Osborn

Inspired by jazz harmony, soulful melodies, descriptive lyrics and a love of simple everyday natural beauty, Sascha Osborn is a songwriter and performer of reflective and heartfelt songs. Blending her cocktail of influences, seamlessly dancing between the ‘folk’, ‘jazz’ and ‘retro-soul’ worlds, she utilises these flavours and colours to express narratives of relationships and evocations of life experience, love, loss, and hope.


The first single from my debut album, 'Looking Out And After' which received airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Suffolk and extremely positive acclaim.

Unusually for myself as a songwriter, the lyrics for 'Could It Be You' were written first, one lunch time sat on a bench overlooking the River Thames, inspired by the pocket book 'Lunch Poems' by Frank O'Hara. Thereafter I wrote the music, endeavouring to reflect the sense of uncertainty and hope that comes with new found love.

The video was filmed along the River Thames on a cold winter day, produced by Jason Frost.


From the album 'Looking Out And After' a song inspired on a macro level, by collective political decisions that resulted in change which surprised me and on a micro level, personal reflections on relationships.

The video was filmed in London, Montpellier, Sweden and other locations in Europe. Edited and produced by Lizzy Platt. 



The title track of my debut EP 'Love Finds You' released 2015. A song inspired by a conversation with a good friend, who believes you don't find love, love finds you.

Video filmed at The Hill Garden and Pergola, near Hampstead Heath, produced and directed by Lizzy Platt.